Training programs for Polkomtel S.A. employees

  Since October 2009  investments into development of Polkomtel S.A. have been also financed from the resources of the "Human Capital" Programme. Polkomtel is the only telecommunication operator which has obtained funding for two development projects. The projects are implemented in partnership with ITO Polska Sp. Z o.o.
The projects are co-financed from EU funding within the framework of European Social Fund
Implementation of the projects takes place under the supervision of Polish Agency of Enterprise Development

Modern Customer Service Staff in Polkomtel S.A.
he project is dedicated to the staff of the Process and Customer Care Development Department (DRPiOK) - both to managers and call center consultants.
The goal of the project is to develop interpersonal skills of employees in the area of customer care. Accomplishment of this goal will translate directly to enhanced quality of customer care for Polkomtel S.A. customers.  A series of training courses for managers, which will guarantee practical implementation of the knowledge and skills at respective job positions, will support the accomplishment of this goal.
Project value: 2,203,029.00 PLN
Projekt Szkolenia na Plus (Plus Training Project)
The project covers the sales network staff. The purpose of the project is ensure top customer satisfaction levels for Polkomtel S.A. customers. The result will be achieved  by enhancing the knowledge and the competence of Polkomtel sales representatives as well as by increasing the managerial skills of sales managers.
Project value: 887,024.00 PLN.
Liberty Poland S.A. is our partner in the project.



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